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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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Cubic Zirconia often times get a bad rap for being artificially created in the lab as opposed to their counterpart: diamonds that are dug out of the ground. But here are a few reason why you should consider buying Cubic Zirconia rings, pendants, and other fashion accessories over natural diamonds: 

Safer for the workers 

Let's face it, no matter what the setup may be in the field, it's always dangerous working in the mines or on the side of a mountain using man-made tools to excavate these beautiful rocks in raw form. Accidents can and do happen. Drilling a weak area inside the mine just may cause part of or even the whole mine to collapse on itself. Workers may lose control of the harness while on the side of the mountain and fall down the mountain side. 

It reduces health problems for the workers.

In order to get to the source of the diamonds, explosives are often times employed to blow out large portions of the Earth to get to them and sometimes, they are used to clear out an area inside the mines. This creates dust and debris to fly everywhere, which isn't safe or healthy to breathe in, much like coal mines. On the other hand, when it's made in a lab, you can rest assured that it's made in a sealed, controlled environment where trained lab technicians can work without the fear of breathing in dust and debris that may cause health problems down the line. 

Specialized equipment saves lives.

Out in the field, workers may use ice-picks, hammers, and other excavating tools to extract diamonds from inside the mines or on the side of the mountain but cubic zirconia can be made with specialized equipment in a lab that takes out all the hard, back breaking, and often times, lethal work that goes into getting natural diamonds to the lab for further processing. It saves lives and it's one less step in the whole process. 

It doesn't force locals to work in dangerous mines.

Outsourcing work is a fact of life but there's outsourcing work to trained lab technicians with college degrees in chemistry and biology, and outsourcing work to villagers and farmers who have none of that training or knowledge but still need the work to feed their families. Having cubic zirconia made in a lab does far more good to both the villagers and the consumer by taking out the dangerous elements of getting natural diamonds and pushing for higher standards so those villagers can work in safe and clean labs to create beautiful fashion jewelry for your beloved. 

It's better for the environment.

Earth only has so many resources before it gets depleted, and once depleted, it's gone forever. This is bad for the environment because it creates a domino effect that trickles down to other parts of the ecosystem that often times have adverse effects: landslides, mudslides, earthquakes and the like. By creating cubic zirconia in a lab, we can preserve Mother Nature and improve soil retention that may be later converted to farm land to make more food for everyone and along the way, prevent any further landslides, mudslides and earthquakes from happening because of the constant drilling and blowing up of the Earth's crust to get to those natural diamonds. 

It builds better lives and strengthens the economy ethically.

It's common knowledge that educated people live longer, have happier lives, and are more likely to help others. Having villagers attend school and receive specialized training in using lab equipment to create cubic zirconia leads to higher standards, better pay, and an improved standard of living. So you can feel at ease that whenever you buy cubic zirconia rings and pendants, that you're supporting better and more stable lives for everyone involved. 

It promotes a green environment. 

A neat little fact about cubic zirconia is that this lab-created rock can be broken down into its constituent parts and remade again into a whole piece by adding other pieces left over from the other lab techs working on different styles of the same rock. Nothing gets wasted and everything is recycled to be used for other accessories. 

So next time you're shopping at your favorite department store and looking for that ring or necklace for that special someone in your life, remember all the good that cubic zirconia can do for everyone that diamonds cannot. 

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